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Birmingham Springfield brings together lots of amenities for people living here to enjoy and make their lives comfortable. It is rare that you will find such a 72-unit community having the convenience of all these facilities for comfortable living. Just to point, but a few, the following are some of the notable amenities here.

Guardhouse and Entrance Gate

Security is one of the most important components to community living. Birmingham Springfield being such an expansive development bringing in people from all walks of life, it is important that security is enhanced. The development has a perimeter fence which not only demarcates the community from the surroundings, but also serves as a barrier to deter unauthorized entries into the compound. In addition, there is an entrance gate where everyone coming in first vetted to establish their motive and where exactly they are headed to. The guardhouse is manned 24/7 which means at any one given time, you and your family are covered.

Clubhouse and Gazebo

The clubhouse is the center of activities with so much going on inside. If you want to catch up with your friends as you enjoy some pool and board games, you can comfortably do that in the clubhouse. The clubhouse also plays a critical social role because if you want to have a meeting with your friends or catch up over a drink, you can use this space for that.

If what you want is an outdoor environment, there are gazebos where you can relax and enjoy quality time with your family. The gazebos are nicely done and will give you the shade you so much require for your summer siesta.


To support an active lifestyle, Homeowners Development Corp. set aside an area for a playground. There are all sorts of games you can engage here including team building and other community activities. For children, the playground is a godsend because of the active nature of their lifestyles.

Basketball Court

Birmingham Springfield has a standard basketball court to give an opportunity to basketball enthusiasts and those willing to learn the game. You could use it for professional training or just as a pass time as you play with your community folks.

8 Meters Road Width

Moving around the Birmingham Springfield development is much easier thanks to the roads within. In particular, there is an 8 meters road traversing the community which enhances mobility around and enough space for vehicles coming in and going out.

  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Clubhouse / Gazeebo
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • 8 meters-Road Width
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